Freeterprise: A powerful Growth Strategy used Slack, Figma, and Loom

Navdeep Yadav
2 min readDec 23, 2022


In Freeterprise (Free & Enterprise) business model the company try to convert a large pool of free silos accounts into paid customer and allows them to collaborate.

Examples: Slack, Loom, and Figma

Freeterprise business model

Fee product as an entry point in Freeterprise business model?

The free product acts as a growth driver to acquire more customers. As the opportunity is identified the company assigns a salesperson to convert that into an Enterprise account.

How collaboration drives Freeterprise's business model?

The customer journey starts from a single person using the free account and pulls a whole organization into that, to transform it into an enterprise account.

How Collaboration drives Freeterprise in Loom

Upsell and Cross-sell opportunities in the Freeterprise business model

As everyone is working on the same workspace hence it offers you to upgrade your team along with you.

How to loom is upselling using the Freeterprise business model

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